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Dolphin-assisted therapy Donetsk

To sign up for
the dolphin-assisted therapy course
you can via telephone:

+38 (062) 332 44 41

+38 (066) 892 79 13

Dolphin-assisted therapy is one of the most perspective types of animal-assisted therapy. The method is aimed for rehabilitation of patients of different age, who suffer from psycho neurologic diseases. In spite of the fact that this method was discovered few thousand years ago, in modern medicine its values was approved not long time ago.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is an alternative, non-traditional method of psycho therapy. The main part of the psycho therapeutic process is an interaction of a dolphin with a patient. Special trained animals are participating in psycho therapy. Communication with dolphins is conducted with the help of specialists, such as doctors, psycho therapists, psychologists. This type of dolphin-assisted therapy contributes in solving such issues as: psycho therapeutic, psycho correction, physiotherapeutic and pedagogical.

After dolphin-assisted therapy the following results will be visible at a child:

  • Improvement of motion coordination;
  • Ability to develop new movements will increase;
  • Stabilization of the mood;
  • The level of self-assessment will increase;
  • Communicative sphere will start to develop;
  • The process of remembering of new knowledge will be faster; ideation will start to develop.

Dolphin-assisted therapy in Donetsk is used for treatment as for children as for adults. Conditions of big industrial city, harmful influence of polluted environment, impact of computer and TV, poor nutrition, all these factors affecting the deterioration of people health and quality of life in general.

For overall health following exercises should be used: physical education and sport, vacation resort, creative art. Dolphin-assisted therapy can become one more opportunity for health improvement without pills and potions, and for improving family relations.

No matter that practically dolphin can cure any disease; but there are still diseases for which dolphin-assisted therapy is not recommended.

The list of contra indicators is not that big, but it is still need to be taken into attention.

The dolphin-assisted therapy shouldn’t be used if the patient has:

  • epilepsy;
  • acute infection disease;
  • cancer;
  • Standard contra indicators for rehabilitation treatment.

For more detailed information about dolphin-assisted therapy for dolphins please approach Olga Evgenievna Navrotska, the head of dolphin-assisted therapy center of Donetsk Entertaining and Health complex “Nemo”, tel. (066) 892 79 13, e-mail:

Unique relaxing-psychological training with dolphins

«Get into the world of joy»!


What our training is about?

  • About the ability to see, hear, feel and enjoy the life!
  • About how to say “stop” and to start to enjoy your life here and now!
  • About the habit to find something positive in negative!
  • About the way of searching for own values and priorities!
  • About ability to relax and with this to take care about yourself!

…in these issues dolphins will become for you the best helpers and motivators!


Training is conducting in the group up to 8 people.

Psychologists of the dolphinarium are the facilitators of the training.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Cost: 1200 UAH per 1 person


More information and to sign up you can via phone:

(062) 332-44-41, (066) 892-79-13

A future mother’s influence for development of her child during pregnancy is very high. This influence depends not only genetically, but also on emotional feeling of a mother during pregnancy. Positive emotions that influence on nervous system of a mother can’t avoid a child. A child non-stop catches feelings, emotions and thoughts of a mother.

Donetsk dolphinarium “Nemo” provides an opportunity for all pregnant women to get unforgettable feelings and unique experience of interaction with dolphins.

You will be able to communicate and to swim with this miracle animals!

Sessions are conducted with perinatal psychologist supervising.  During sessions you will get relaxation skills, correct breathing skills, interaction in pair, using the experience of interaction with dolphins. It will give you an opportunity to use these techniques during birth of your child and in the period of postpartum adaptation.


We are conduction individual and group session.

Detailed information and to sign up you can here: 332 44 41, 066 892 79 13

Donetsk city dolphinarium “Nemo” is announcing the launch of new entertainment and educational program “Become a young dolphin trainer”.


The program is optimized for children and teenagers from 4 to 16 years ol.

Now your child can not only to swim with a dolphin, but also to learn the basics of rescuing, feeding, keeping, training of dolphins and other marine mammals.


Different games and competitions that are supervised by psychologists produce the readiness of the child to work as in a team, as to work individually.


Кроме того, постоянное нахождения рядом с дельфинами и плавание с ними в бассейне способствует усилению физического и психического тонуса и улучшению общего психоэмоционального фона ребенка.


Among this, being close to dolphins and swimming together with them enhance physical and psychological tone and improves overall mental and emotional background of the child.

The sessions are conducted in small groups.

The sessions are conducted by trainers, veterinarians and psychologists of the Donetsk dolphinarium «Nemo».


Registration for 2-days and 5-days group sessions is opened.


Detailed information and to sign up you can here

332 44 41, 066 892 79 13